Strengthening Marriages and Families Strengthening Wyoming’s marriages and families is one of FIWY’s priority work areas.  Workshops designed to strengthen marriages are beling held across Wyoming using proven resources.  We are seeking to reduce Wyoming’s high divorce rate, now fifth in the nation, and help build strong healthy families and workplaces.   Request Resource Packet Community Networking Connecting communities of faith with each othger and with other community organizations, and state and local governments is critical if they are to fully participate in the network of social services providers.   Request Resource Packet At Risk Children Wyoming’s children are our most important asset.  FIWY is working to engage faith and grass roots community groups in the provision of much needed services and the promotion of understanding and awareness. Request Resource Packet We care about your work! You are committed to serve people and Faith Initiatives of Wyoming wants to support you.  We work within local communities of faith to create an awareness of needs and to identify opportunities to strengthen and expand paraticipation in those important areas. © High Country Consulting, LLC 2011  Working to Build Wyoming Faith and Grass Roots Community Organizations